Bizzare Ribbon Found at Edge of Solar System

Written by The Night Sky Guy on October 15, 2009 – 9:27 pm -

No it’s nothing like the giant temporal flux energy ribbon in the Star Trek Generations movie, but this real monster- sized, cosmic ribbon structure is leaving experts scratching their heads. 

“In a discovery that took astronomers by surprise, the first full-sky map of the solar system’s edge-more than 9 billion miles (15 billion kilometers) away-has revealed a bright “ribbon” of atoms called ENAs.The solar system is surrounded by a protective “bubble” called the heliosphere. The narrow ribbon snakes along this bubble’s inner wall….IBEX’s(new orbiting satellite) map shows that the ribbon measures roughly two billion miles (three billion kilometers) long and several hundred thousand miles wide.” Read the full story at National Geographic News.

Also check out my previous blog entry on how NASA is probing the outer frontiers of the solar system.

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