Station-Shuttle Flybys

Written by The Night Sky Guy on November 22, 2009 – 6:26 pm -

Tonight and over the next few nights are great opportunities to see the International Space Station with the space shuttle docked fly over your backyard. The pair together look like a superbright star zipping across the heavens. In fact it should look like the brightest object in the night sky after only the moon!  Generally the passes will last a couple of minutes and it will appear like an unblinking, bright, white star gliding across the sky  Exact viewing times and directions of where you will see the station in the sky depends on your location – they are different for each city or town.

So best thing to do is click on the Space Station icon on the right-hand sidebar or go to my Sky Tonight page and click on your city of choice or choose Elsewhere, and get your customized viewing table.

For an explanation of how to read your viewing timetable chart click on the image to the left. It is a sample chart for Toronto that gives you a brief rundown on what the main sections mean. If you have never seen the station now is a good time to find it because it will be so bright in the sky. The shuttle undocks and lands on November 25th.

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