Moon and Pegasus Play

Written by The Night Sky Guy on November 26, 2009 – 10:00 am -

The waxing moon and Pegasus constellation

THe Moon points to Pegasus; Click image to enlarge

Take a gander at the waxing gibbous Moon tonight and it will guide you to one of the seasonal landmark constellations of Autumn – Pegasus – the flying horse. The Moon will be sitting right underneath the ‘Great Square’ of Pegasus. This giant square represents the chest of the mythical flying horse , and is only considered an Asterism – a distinctive pattern of stars. The constellation itself contains many more stars that sprawl across this part of the sky, but they are fainter. 

If you have never seen Pegasus before, this is a great opportunity to track it down easily with our neighbouring world pointing the way. Remember though that the Moon’s glare will wash out the nearby stars a bit so try blocking it from direct view and the Great Square should pop into view.

Click here for more background info on Pegasus and its deep sky treasures for those with binos and scopes.

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