Worlds Unite at Sunset Today

Written by The Night Sky Guy on February 15, 2010 – 4:04 pm -

The Moon, Jupiter and Venus int he SW sky at sunset; click image to enlarge

The Moon, Jupiter and Venus int he SW sky at sunset; click image to enlarge

This week there is a neat skywatching event going on just after sunset where the two planets Venus and Jupiter appear to huddle close together. And as an added bonus, the razor thin crescent Moon will be joining the pair in the southwestern sky tonight.

To  see the two planets you must have a very clear line of sight, devoid of high trees or houses to the low southwestern horizon.  I sometimes go onto highway overpasses (where there is a sidewalk) to catch a good, clear view.

Tonight the pair will be separated by just a little more than a 2 full moon disks, while Luna itself will be about 20 full moon disks above them. All three members of our solar systems will be in the part of the sky occupied by constellation Aquarius.

But by tomorrow, Tuesday at sunset Venus and Jupiter will appear their closest – only one full Moon disk apart – as the Goddess of Love moves a bit higher in the sky and King of all planets sinks a tad lower.  But remember you have to be quick to spot them as they will set within a half hour or so after the Sun.

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