Holiday Sky Treat: Jupiter Meets Moon

Written by The Night Sky Guy on July 2, 2010 – 5:10 pm -

Watch Jupiter encounter with Moon

Watch Jupiter encounter with Moon

Check out this odd celestial pairing in the late night hours this weekend. Both early Saturday and Sunday mornings you can watch Jupiter glide past the waning gibbous Moon.

The pair will be in the constellation Pisces and will be about 7 degrees or 14 full Moon disks apart.  In other words that is about as wide as a fist at an outstretched arm.  On Saturday morning Jupiter will be to the lower left of the Moon,  and by  Sunday Jupiter will be to the lower right of our natural satellite.

As a neat observing challenge, see if you can spot  Jupiter after sunrise.  How long can you keep Jupiter in sight during daylight hours?

BTW – You may be wondering about Uranus and Neptune in the skychart above. While Uranus is technically just barely visible from a very dark location, you need binoculars or even better a small telescope to see these far-off gas giants – they are just too faint to spot with our unaided eyes.

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