Andrew works fulltime as a professional science writer, broadcaster, and lecturer. For 8 years he has been the astronomy columnist for the Montreal Gazette, and pens a popular weekly stargazing column for the The Weather Network website. For the past five years he has been keeping his eyes towards the heavens as the national astronomy correspondent for The Weather Network TV channel, reporting on stargazing news on Fridays.

As Director of Communications and past-president of the Montreal Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada he regularly provides commentary for radio and television shows on the world of space and astronomy. Since 2007 he has been  presenting the latest headlines in science discoveries for nationally syndicated columns for CBC that has run in 20 cities coast-to coast and is also the Web Discoveries columnist for the international CBC Radio show The Link.. He has published over 800 articles, appearing in international science magazines and is a communications consultant for the Canadian Space Agency. For nearly five years he was an editor and correspondent reporting on Canadian and American science career issues for the online division of SCIENCE magazine.

More recently he has acted as astronomy consultant for the latest IMAX historical adventure movie – Journey to Mecca, and is a co-author on a general science textbook. Currently he serves as a contributing editor at Popular Science and contributing writer for National Geographic News.

Here is a short article I penned on my own career twists and turns.