Meet Mysterious Makemake

Written by The Night Sky Guy on November 26, 2012 – 5:39 pm -

Orbiting at the frozen edges of the solar system the mysterious dwarf planet Makemake is finally coming out of the shadows as astronomers get their best view yet of Pluto’s sibling.  Discovered in 2005, Makemake – pronounced MAH-keh MAH-keh after a Polynesian creation god – is one of five Pluto-like objects that prompted a redefining of the term planet and the creation of the new group of dwarf planets.

Just like slightly larger Pluto, this icy world circles the Sun beyond Neptune- and was expected to have a global atmosphere too – but new evidence reveals that isn’t the case.

Find out more about this far-off dwarf planet in my latest National Geographic News story.

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