Ontario Meteor Pieces Recovered

Written by The Night Sky Guy on October 17, 2009 – 11:27 am -

Looks like a few fragments from the September 25th fireball seen across Southern ontario have been found – in Grimsby, Ontario – exactly where the university researchers thought pieces would fall. But what is interesting is how and where they were found. In two separate finds, both rocks fell on private property. The first , weighing in at 46 grams smashed through an SUV windshield and the second fell on undisclosed private land.  They are now in the hands of University of Western Ontario scientists who will be studying these ancient time capsules, they hope will help them understand a bit about the formation of our solar system nearly 5 billion years ago.

Check out some of the articles in the press:

Grimsby meteorite found

Second meteorite found near site of first space rock

CBC News Report from Friday Press conference held by UWO researchers;  Grimsby meteorite on display

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Meteor Flash Across South Ontario

Written by The Night Sky Guy on September 26, 2009 – 10:22 am -

Update Sept. 26, 10 am ET: Eyewitness from GTO caught the meteor flashes reflected off the ground on a videocam, “… shows a faint glow from that meteor in the Toronto area. The location is Laird and Eglinton in Toronto. Top right corner of the video is west left is towards the south.”

Reports are still coming in from all over the South Ontario region with many witnesses describing a loud rumble that shook homes associated with the flash of white and green light that lasted about 3 to 4 seconds. Click on this link to see the video:  Toronto videocam records meteor flash, Courtesy of Glen McKiernan, Toronto, Ontario

Update 11:30 pm ET: Just got two eyewitness reports from Ottawa region. One observer recounts, “From the size it was that we saw, we thought someone was setting off fireworks in the area.”

Reports are coming in from between Hamilton and Toronto area, that a spectacularly bright flash of light has streaked across the skies in a amtter of just 4 seconds, happening just after 9 pm Eastern time. One observer in Hamilton saw the sky light up as if by a lightening bolt. Some report hearing a thud or thunder-like sound associated with it. One Mississauga resident reports a firecracker sound associated with the streak of light.

These descriptions sound like the object was a meteor, probably the size of a basketball up to a sofa-sized rock from space that burned up in the atmosphere. Astronomers call these unusually bright flashes fireballs or bolides. Meteors can travel around 70 km per second and mostly get ionized in the upper atmosphere, but when they are this big they can fragment and pieces can make it to the ground. Stay tuned for more details to come. 

Did you see tonight’s event? Send me your observation at the comments section below and if you have any photos to share you can send them to andrew@thenightskyguy.com

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